domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

Te amo mucho, mucho mas del te amo que te digo.

Today was a fairytale you were the prince, i used to be a damsil in distress, you took me by the hand and you picked me up at six, today was a fairytale.
Today was a fairytale, wore a dress you wore a dark grey t-shirt, you told me i was pretty when i looked like a mess
Can you feel this magic in the air it must of been the way you kissed me, fell inlove when i saw you standing there it must of been the way today was a fairytale.
"For me a minute, contains 60 differents ways of thinking of you."
Princess of all my palaces If you could give me a choice How and where I want to die lying answer Happy to be at your side Victim of a sex exaggerated Smiling, looking at the ceiling With your head on my chest.
not that I have hope I trust a lot in your teaching You trust, trust in my learning And if our love I can not find a good adjective It's because I love you much, much more From I say I love you.

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